Why you should try Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is the leading online dating website for people in United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia among other countries. Established 4 years ago, the website has achieved a lot of growth over the years attracting over 5 million visits on a daily basis. But with a crowded online space, many people wonder why one should use Plenty of Fish and not any other website. This article illustrates these important features of Plenty of Fish that makes it special.

Many people

The first thing that you expect to find in a free dating sites is a lot of people. This is because when there are a lot of people, then you have a chance to meet your dream partner. Stories have been told of people who have actually met and dated at plenty of fish and ended up together. The vast amount of people come from various countries around the world and thus the website is not restricted to a particular country.


The credibility of the company is also above par. This is because the management of the company has done a lot to ensure that the website is above par. Many free online dating websites have come up and failed. The company has also done a good thing in ensuring that credibility of the website is accelerated. One is able to upgrade his membership to get more features. This is a very important thing.


The fact that getting an account at plenty of fish is free a very important thing. This is because you actually don’t need to have any money to find your dream partner. Many of the competitors do not offer their services for free and thus the need of using this website. However, to get more services you can upgrade at a very less fee.